About Quill & Key Editorial

Founded in 2018, Quill & Key Editorial is a woman-owned small business located in the heart of Jacksonville, Florida.

The idea for Quill & Key came about when its owner, Katie McPherson, moved into her historic neighborhood. As small businesses moved into the area, they were hard-pressed to find quality marketing and PR services without paying the large retainer fees at other agencies. Combining her love of feature writing and freelance reporting, Katie founded Quill & Key to offer those services in addition to marketing and PR options priced for the small business owners who need them most. Because who wants to learn an entire industry when you’re trying to perfect your own business?

Today, Quill & Key provides quality content and consulting services to a variety of clients in publishing, health care, city government, politics and technology. If you would like to learn more about Quill & Key or Katie, please get in touch.


Photo: Stephanie Acar Photography

Photo: Stephanie Acar Photography