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I came to Quill & Key Editorial about two months out from the biggest meeting of my life (a product demo for our first client). I provided a feature list for our product, and Katie produced the rich content necessary to develop our website. The document she provided back to us was organized by webpage section and even included headers and subheaders, which removed every bit of the guesswork and uncertainty that were roadblocks for months prior to this.

Most importantly, Katie then adapted these same concepts into a completely different format. I asked for an “impact piece” to hand out at the meeting, and she presented me with five ultra-modern handout concepts. She then worked with me and the designer to bring our chosen piece to life. We brought the piece to the meeting and the client remarked, ‘Your marketing person is amazing!’ We landed the client that day, and Katie played a key role in virtually everything they saw.
— Bruce Llewellyn, Owner of MedGenius
Katie’s professionalism and rapid response was vital to the effectiveness of my campaign for public office. I had worked with Katie in my role at UF Health and was happy she agreed to lead our communications. There were several instances when we needed a rapid communications response, often in hours or days rather than weeks and months. Without fail, Katie exceeded our expectations. I will absolutely ask for Katie’s assistance in the future and recommend her to colleagues.
— Chad E. McIntyre, City Council Candidate
Katie McPherson can take any topic – whether about parenting, a complex medical condition, new technology, or a social issue – and create engaging, educational content people will read. Not only is she especially skilled in feature writing, but she is also skilled in developing marketing content that drives to action. I continue to seek her expertise as a freelance writer for work on our Baptist Health newshub and newsfeed, as well as projects for Wolfson Children’s Hospital.
— Vikki Mioduszewski, Marketing & Communications Manager at Wolfson Children's Hospital


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