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With years of experience in writing feature stories, magazine columns and people profiles, we know what it takes to make a story leap from the pages of a magazine. Not only do we accept freelance assignments from local, regional and national publications, but we strive to build relationships and continue providing riveting content on an ongoing basis.

Reported Articles

Looking for hard-hitting reporting, specifically in the field of science and health care? Quill & Key works with a number of public relations professionals in the medical industry with access to leading physicians with knowledge on breaking medical news. We can meet any deadline, any time, and love covering medical advances that could help readers improve their lives or reduce their risk.


Everyone has a story to tell, but not everyone enjoys writing it down. If you’re a physician, entrepreneur, politician, or just a regular person with something to say, working with a ghostwriter can help you achieve the goal of being published with less hassle and more success.


Let’s discuss your content needs to see how Quill & Key Editorial can help you meet your goals.

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